10 Bikesharing rules

Bike Sharing is a healthy and ecological way how to move around your city. However it is still necessary to observe the traffic rules and regulations. Here is the 10 most important rules that includes the basic instructions how to use the nextbike bikes successfully and safely in the city traffic.

1. Check the technical condition of the bike

  • We check and repair bikes on daily basis, however the bike could be damaged just before your rental
  • Please check the technical conditions of a bike such as functionality of brakes before you start using a bike

2. Use the cycling paths

  • Use the defined cycling paths or roads assigned to be used by cyclists
  • Do not ride a bike on the footpath

3. Do not ride drunk or high

  • It is prohibited to ride a bike under influence of alcohol or drugs
  • It slows your reactions, decision-making and worsens your balance

4. Observe the traffic signs

  • Observe the traffic rules and regulations
  • Do not ride in the opposite direction
  • Give way

5. Do not cycle on the pedestrian crossing

  • When on pedestrian crossing always get off the bike and walk

6. Behave considerately

  • Always ride carefully so you don’t endanger yourself or others

7. Return bikes to the official nextbike stand

  • To return a bike successfully always place it to the official nextbike stands
  • A fine will be charged if you return a bike to other than official nextbike stand
  • Make sure that a bike doesn’t block the way and that you leave it standing in a way that doesn’t disrupt the aspect of the city

8. Don’t forget to lock the bike by pressing the lever down and check in the app if the ride finished

  • To return the bike just simply press down the lever which is placed on the back wheel and the rental automatically stops
  • Always make sure that the bike is locked and check in the app if the rental finished

9. Your feedback helps us to provide you better service

  • Please don’t forget to let us know if there was any problem with the rental or the bike
  • You can send us your feedback via app after certain ride or rental or you can email/call our customer service

10. Combat against vandalism

  • If you see vandalism or unauthorized handling with our bike please let us know by calling our customer service or contact the police. Thank you 🙂