O Kapku lepší jízda

Nextbike Czech Republic cooperates with endowment fund Kapka naděje since the start of nextbike in the Czech Republic in spring 2019. “We are happy that together we can help to improve the hospital ambience in all regions where nextbike provides the bike sharing system. There is nothing better than helping by healthy riding on our bikes. This way you are helping not only yourselves or environment but mainly you are helping ill children.” Said about the project Tomaš Karpov the COO of nextbike Czech Republic.

In 2019 we contributed mainly thanks to bike sharing in Ostrava and Havířov.
“Kapka naděje is active in Ostrava for a long time. For University Hospital in Ostrava we got appliances worth 4 600 000 CZK and this year we already provided equipment worth 308 000 CZK. We are happy for the new cooperation with nextbike” said Jan Fischer director of NF Kapka naděje at the opening in Ostrava. Project “Every drop for a better ride” enabled us to provide Ostrava and Havířov with the amount of 100 000 CZK to support the Child clinic of University hospital in Ostrava and Child department of Hospital in Havířov.

From 2020 we are extending the project “O Kapku lepší jízda” to new cities (Praha, Brno, Ostrava, Olomouc, Havířov, Prostějov, Opava a Kladno) and will contribute 1 CZK from every paid ride. The final amount will be divided to help the hospitals in the regions.

We believe that together we can make a difference and that by the end of the riding season 2020 we will be able to contribute considerable amount to help the most needed ones. „ I hope that nextbike Czech Republic will have a lot of happy customers. Also I wish their customers plenty of safe kilometres and for all of us „every drop for a better ride““ said Vendula Pizingerová, president and founder of Kapka naděje foundation.